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About us

Full-cycle software development company from Bucharest

All of us worked for years as software developers in corporations and now we want to build projects from scratch.

Nexus Vision Solutions is build based on creativity and commitment to our projects.

Focusing on the product and the result wanted, we are a tech start-up that helps invidiuals or companies transform their ideas into high-tech products.

How we work

How we work

We make a plan

At the beggining is very important to know how you measure success. Let's build the best plan for your software product.


We implement the solution

This phase is from the initial mockup until the final release. We can plan differents steps during the implementation with the aim of finding the best user experience of your product.


We offer support to your product

We do the release as planned, but our work doesn't stop when the product is build. We can do also the maintance.

Services we can provide

Nexus Vision Solutions creates end-to-end software products and provides software outsourcing services.

We try to do projects, not tasks. So, most of the time, a custom project can fit in more then one category that it listed below. Depending on your requirements, we can create a full digital solution or we can offer specific software development services in case you want to outsource only a part of the implementation effort.

Let's have a discussion

Working with Nexus Vision Solutions is about unboxing your ideas, so drop us a message and we will schedule a first call to understand what you want to build.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not between the below questions please send us an email and we will respons as soon as posible.

  • How much does it cost?

    We always try to do the initial version with at the lowest cost for our clients. If they like what they see, we will continue accordingly to the initial plan.

  • It depends how big is the project, but our aim is to have the first version in four weeks after we made the plan.

  • Projects related to microcontrollers, sensors, systems, robots. Automation of tasks, data processing, custom software applications for companies.

  • It depends on the complexity of the project. We are software engineers with electronics background but for hardware projects we work with collaborators.

  • Some of our collaborators are working remote from Europe, but our home is Bucharest, Romania.


Our scope is to build amazing high-tech products together with our clients. If you have an idea, don't hesitate to discuss it with us.

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10 Agatha Barsescu Street, Bucharest, Romania

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